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About us

Thanks to its many years of experience, Meritia is able to advise on many aspects of business: crisis management, restructuring and structuring of companies and holdings, accounting and tax aspects, due diligence, cost and cash flow management, etc. Meritia also has expertise in the field of project financing, both start-ups and existing projects.

Meritia can provide effective corporate governance and nominee representation for its clients. We are often with our clients throughout the entirety of their business, where we structure and establish the company, advise on the early stages of operation economically, in accounting, and analytically and then work with the client to develop the business, commerce, and customers.

Fields of Activity

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  • Structuring transactions (including foreign transactions)
  • Project and crisis management consulting for groups or individual companies
  • Setting up fund and holding structures, creating financial or industrial holding groups


  • Searching for investment opportunities, providing structured financing
  • Providing complex acquisition processes for groups of companies or individual companies
  • Creating investment structures and investment entities (including private investor funds), in the Czech Republic and abroad


  • Ensuring and structuring internal processes, management control
  • Crisis management, representation of statutory bodies and management
  • Audit and proposal of internal process adjustments


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